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Francesco Renga

Sanremo (Ita) 02/2012 commissioned by Gioia magazine.

Noemi – Vanity Fair Backstage video

Noemi Vanity Fair Backstage video

Fabio Volo – Vanity Fair Backstage video

Fabio Volo Vanity Fair Backstage Video


Sanremo (Ita) 02/2012     Commissioned by Vanity Fair

Francesco Renga

Press shots  Malta 01/2012 commissioned by Universal Music.

True to our consolidated no frills spirit of  ” jump on a plane, and let’s see what happens” we headed south (being January) to Malta. A new place for us both, and an island I always wanted to visit. It’s a great locations, only a couple of hours flight from Rome it looks like a northern african location.

Francesco Renga

“Fermoimmagine” album cover. Commissioned by Universal Music. Concept by Alberto “Zanzara” Bettinetti

Jaques Brunel

Rome Ita 12/2012 commissioned by Sport Week

Jessica Mazzoli

Milan (Ita) commissioned by Vanity Fair


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