Coldplay Live @ the Bull & Gate

Coldplay Live @ the Bull & Gate  London 1999

Locarno Film Festival 2016

Official Photographer for Locarno Film Festival (08/2016, Locarno, CH)

Jazz Ascona 2016

Jazz Ascona 2016  Ascona (CH) 06-07/2016

“Faster Sons”

Roland Sands “Faster Sons” Capsule Collection for Yamaha Motor Europe

Francesco Renga

Francesco Renga comm. by Sony Music, Lugano (CH) & Siracusa (Ita)

Gianmarco Tamberi

Gianmarco Tamberi comm. by SportWeek, Milan (Ita) 04/2016

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer comm. by the Blick, Rome (Ita) 02/2016


Noemi album art work & Press photos  Bologna (Ita)  11/2015

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn photographed for SportWeek  La Thuile (ITA)  02/2016

Locarno Film Festival 2015

Official Photographer for Locarno Film Festival (08/2015, Locarno, CH)

Come Un Morto ad Acapulco @ Salento Finibus Terrae

The Short film Come Un Morto ad Acapulco has been selected at the Salento Finibus Terrae (Ita) 2015


Moon & Stars 2015

Moon & Stars 2015  comm. by Rolling Stone Italia   Locarno (CH)

Jazz Ascona 2015

Jazz Ascona 2015     Ascona (CH)


Glastonbury Tv doc.

Tv doc. Comm. by RSI (CULGlastonbury T TV)


Locarno Film Festival 2014

Official Photographer for Locarno Film Festival (08/2014, Locarno, CH)

Radio Italia Live 2014

Radio Italia Live 06/2014 Milan (ITA) Comm by Vanity Fair


Cesare Cremonini

Press shots “Logico” album

Padova (ITA) 2014 comm. by Universal Music

Francesco Renga “Tempo Reale”

Milan (Ita) 2013 comm. by Sony Music

Luca Carboni

Bologna (Ita) 12/2013 comm. by Gioia

Battiato & Antony and the Johnsons

Press and Art Work photos for “Del suo veloce volo” album  09/2013 Verona & Firenze (ITA)


Press & Artwork photos for the “Déjà Vu” Album.   05/13 Milan ( ITA).

Locarno Film Festival 2013

Official Photographer for Locarno Film Festival (08/2013, Locarno, CH)

Cesare Cremonini

Live @ Arena, Verona (Ita)

77 Bombay St.

Live @ Gurten Festival


Matteo Pelli

Adv. Campaign     Comm. by Radio 3i

Moon & Stars 2013

Locarno (CH) 07/2013

Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury (UK) 06/2013

Wind Music Awards 2013

Rome (Ita) 06/2013 comm. by Gioia

Radio Italia Live

Milan 05/2013 Comm. by Vanity Fair (Ita)

The Vad Vuc Live in Chiasso

The Vad Vuc, 05/2013 Chiasso CH

Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini

Cortona (Ita) 04/2013, Comm. by SportWeek

Alessandro Bonan

Milan, ITA 02/2013

Vad Vuc

Lugano, CH 01/2013

Il Cile

Milan 01/2013 comm. by Universal Music

Niccolo’ Fabi

Montecatini 01/2013 comm. by Gioia


Italia Loves Emilia

Campo volo Stage & Backstage, Sept 2012 Ita.

Some of the biggest artists in Italy held a massive concert in front of a crowd of 150.000  to raise money to help rebuild in an area devastated by the earthquake.

The atmosphere was just right, everybody involved did the utmost and the crowd made it a very special night.
I feel honoured to have been asked to capture this event.
The short journey on the bus with all of the artists will forever be one of my most treasured moments.


Just A Shot Away the exhibition

Just a Shot Away  backstage of the exhibition

Style magazine Dec 2012 Cover

Marco Oriolo, Ruth Oberrauch, Daniele Barbone Milan (Ita) 2012

Giorgio Panariello

Rome & Florence (Ita) 2012

press shots and backstage/rehearsal theatre tour


Milan (Ita) 9/2012 comm By Vanity Fair


Colorado (USA) comm by Vanity Fair

Antonella Lo Coco

Milan (Ita) comm. by Vanity Fair

Alessio Pizzicannella Showreel



Alessio  moved to London in 1993  where he studied photography at the London College of Printing.

In 1996 he began working for the NME (New Musical Express) and for the next six years travelled the world, shooting everyone from Metallica,Neil Young, Rolling Stones,U2, Eminem to Pink.

Experience that led to work from all major & independent labels, artists management’s  and a host of other magazines and papers in the UK, Italy and the rest of Europe ( Times, Rolling Stone,Guardian,Observer…).

After moving back to Italy in 2002 Alessio’s magazine work intensified and  led him to photograph outside of the music business and into fashion and advertisement (Danone/Activia, Nike, Talco,Fiat,Yamaha etc..).

A tight collaboration with Vanity Fair among other newspapers and magazines made his a household name in the industry.

In June 2012 Alessio moved to Switzerland where he intends to intensify his work.





Valentina Vezzali

Jesi (Ita) 06/2012 comm by SportWeek

Nazionale ITA Pallanuoto

Niccolo’ Figari, Valentino Gallo, Deni Fiorentini   Rome (Ita) 05/2012 comm by Il Venerdi’ di Repubblica

Italia Loves Emilia

Reggio Emilia (Ita) 07/2012  comm. by Italia Loves Emilia

Davide Van De Sfroos

Rome (ita) 06/2012 comm. by PDT music

Alessandra Amoroso

Rome (Ita) 06/2012     Commissioned by Gioia

Cesare Cremonini

London (UK) 03/2012


Valentina Vezzali & Giulio Tommasini

Terni (Ita) 05/2012 Commissioned by SportWeek

Sergio Cammariere

Roma (Ita) 01/2012 commissioned by SonyMusic


2012 Tour


Francesco Renga

Sanremo (Ita) 02/2012 commissioned by Gioia magazine.

Noemi – Vanity Fair Backstage video

Noemi Vanity Fair Backstage video

Fabio Volo – Vanity Fair Backstage video

Fabio Volo Vanity Fair Backstage Video


Sanremo (Ita) 02/2012     Commissioned by Vanity Fair

Francesco Renga

Press shots  Malta 01/2012 commissioned by Universal Music.

True to our consolidated no frills spirit of  ” jump on a plane, and let’s see what happens” we headed south (being January) to Malta. A new place for us both, and an island I always wanted to visit. It’s a great locations, only a couple of hours flight from Rome it looks like a northern african location.

Francesco Renga

“Fermoimmagine” album cover. Commissioned by Universal Music. Concept by Alberto “Zanzara” Bettinetti

Jaques Brunel

Rome Ita 12/2012 commissioned by Sport Week

Jessica Mazzoli

Milan (Ita) commissioned by Vanity Fair


Fabio Volo

Milan (Ita) commissioned by Vanity Fair

Negrita “Brucero’ per te” track by track directed by Alessio Pizzicannella

This is part of a web project we developed with Negrita.

Track by Track is a video Documentary on “Dannato Vivere” (the latest Negrita’s album) where each track is analyzed and discussed by the band members and producer.
Here is a trailer of one of the episodes.


Catania (Ita) 11/11 commissioned by Vanity Fair.


Los Angeles (USA)  10/11 commissioned by Universal Music.

I worked with Negrita consistently for the last 10 years (or just short of), this time around we wanted to experiment a little bit, so we looked back to the early 90′s,the grunge period, a time in music which meant a lot to both the band and me. So here we go with  fish eye lenses and cross processing !!


Cesare Cremonini

Bologna (Ita) 10/11

Yet another chance to work with Cesare. It was hard to keep up with wath we did in Locarno, but we managed I’d say.


Milan (Ita) 10/11 commissioned by Vanity Fair


Nashville,Memphis,New York (USA) 10/11 commissioned by Vanity Fair

After shooting the press shots for the band in L.A. I went on the Jack Daniel’s tour across the US with  them. In New York we were joined by Vanity Fair and this the result of that adventure. You can see/read more about this shoot  in the SPECIAL PROJECTS section of this website.

Marco Mengoni

Rome (Ita) 07/11 commissioned by Sony Music.

I photographed Mengoni a few months earlier for his live Cd/Dvd.

He is so easy to photograph. He knows how to play with the camera. I love the BW shots in particular.


Backstage Ligabue photo shoot for Max

Cesare Cremonini

Locarno (CH) 07/11 commissioned by Max magazine.

Eventful to say the least ! what a great gig it turned out to be. My first time in Locarno proved to be a pivotal event in my life. My first shoot with Cesare was also a chance to get to know a beautiful human being. The chance to follow him around during the soundcheck, witness the moments before going on stage, the show and being in the dressing room just after it, made for some great shots. Way to go !!

Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury Festival 2011     Glastonbury (UK) 06/11 commissioned by Vanity Fair.

Oh boy ! the music, the mud, the people. I’ve going to this Glasto for almost 15 years now, and for just as long I’ve been trying to explain it to people. I find it hard, you really have to see it yourself. But this year a got a little closer, as Vanity Fair wasn’t so interested in the music so much as the crowd. You can see/read more   in the SPECIAL PROJECTS section of this website.



Verona (Ita) 05/11 commissioned  by Sport Week

Lorraine Motel Memphis

Memphis (USA) 08/10 commissioned by Vanity Fair magazine.

On April 4 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Shot dead on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel at 450 Mulberry Street, now the National Civil Rights Museum.

I didn’t expect it but standing right there on that balcony really got to me, and the whole museum experience was very moving. I’m glad I  got this assignment, it’s one of those that sticks with me.

Wind Music Awards

Verona (Ita) 05/11 commissioned by Sport Week magazine.

Ok this was a hard shoot to set up but everybody was so into the idea that it seemed an easy one. Sport Week wanted all this musicians to show their passion for sport by picking up their fav props. You can see/read more about this shoot  in the SPECIAL PROJECTS section of this website.


Esperanza Spalding

Rome (Ita) 11/10 commissioned by Style magazine.

It was one of those half hour shoot by the hotel. But there was this great light, and across the street a little park. Her look, that location and the light just screamed seventies !

Francesco Renga

London (UK) 02/11 commissioned by Gioia magazine.

Just the two of us and a Leica M9 for 24 hours in London. I love this shots, by far may favourite shoot with Renga. No strings attached and in a place were nobody noticed us meant great intimacy.

Francesco Renga

ebook for the 2011 tour.

It was a little

experiment that Francesco and I wanted to try. All the shot were taken during the rehearsal for the tour and its first date. It was all eventually released as an ebook.

Francesco Renga

Album cover & artwork Milan (Ita) 09/10 commissioned by Universal Music  (Cover design by Alberto “Zanzara” Bettinetti

Relatively quick shoot considering it involved a child.

Stefano Mauri

Rome (Ita) 04/11 commissioned by Sport Week magazine



MAX  cover shoot Milan (Ita) 04/11 commissioned by Max magazine

This was a fun day, I’ve photographed Luciano a bunch of times and now we seem to understand each other straight away. It took no time at all for the cover shot (believe it or not it was the first frame we shot on the day!!), which gave us the time and freedom to experiment a little more for the rest of the day.

Alessandro Del Piero

Milan (Ita) 04/11 commissioned  by SportWeek & Sky

I was asked by Sport Week magazine and Sky TV Network to photograph their testimonials for the Sky 2011 Campaign.


Alessandro Gassman

Rome (Ita) 04/11 commissioned  by SportWeek & Sky

I was asked by Sport Week magazine and Sky TV Network to photograph their testimonials for the Sky 2011 Campaign.



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